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  After more than ten years of development and expansion Dongguan Zhouhang Precision Machinery Factory owns the latest fine CNC equipments,and holds several processing and testing equipments,such as fine milling machines and grinding machines, CNC lathes, CNC milling machines and large scale CNC machining center,Two dimensions measuring instrument and height gauge, with strong processing strength.

Leading of scale production.

  Dongguan Zhuohang Precision Machinery Factory,established in 2006, which lies in dongguan, guangdong province, the capital of manufacture. Our company employs more than 40 worker.  Specialized in design,  processing and manufacturing,  assembling,  sale and service.

Advanced equipment, precision product.

    In recent years, dongguan ZhuoHang precision machinery processing factory gathering has trained a number of design, the manufacture technical management personnel, the company has a good soft power; Sophisticated production process, fine and reliable quality control system, stable and skilled employees with high quality.

Experenced and collaborative.

    The enterprises attach importance to the skills training of staff to ensure that the team is more than 80% of personnel middle and senior technician. In the accumulation of 4800 customer¡¯s actual case, the company has accumulated rich experience in production, through teamwork, according to customer¡¯s technical requirements, produce standard and non-standard manufacturing various types of mechanical parts, product based on the principles of the close to the customer¡¯s  requirements.